Struggling with zero leads? Use this Exclusive Idea to Stand Out and Sell More

Everyone talks about it. Everyone craves for it. But not all actually get to it.

No, this isn’t about any premium category limited edition product. It’s something more ‘exclusive’ than that. Something that makes a common product struggling with zero leads, a bewitchingly exclusive brand that millions are oversubscribed to. It’s what marketing strategists and creative people in advertising lovingly call the `Big Idea’.

Yep, the secret selling point of any clever marketer ever lived here is the `Unique Concept’ aka ‘Big Idea’.

What’s so unique about the Unique Concept is it is your single chance to survive in an over-flooded market.


Convert Facebook “Engagement” into Sales
using Facebook Retargeting

Imagine this,

1800 likes, 300 link clicks and 22 comments on the Facebook post you just advertised.

Facebook post engagement picture



Do you think the ad is working good ? well, Marvelous ?

Don’t let yourself fooled by the extravaganza of these numbers! Why? Because these numbers just talk about engagement on facebook. And not about the success of the Business itself.

So, What makes up an Ad successful ? (more…)