Convert Facebook “Engagement” into Sales
using Facebook Retargeting

Imagine this,

1800 likes, 300 link clicks and 22 comments on the Facebook post you just advertised.

Facebook post engagement picture



Do you think the ad is working good ? well, Marvelous ?

Don’t let yourself fooled by the extravaganza of these numbers! Why? Because these numbers just talk about engagement on facebook. And not about the success of the Business itself.

So, What makes up an Ad successful ?

Simple, How much you Spend on it and how much it fetches you back !

Now, in the above scenario, consider you

  1.      Spend Rs.1000 and get Rs.200 in Sales right away
  2.      Spend Rs.1000 and get Rs.600 in sales right away
  3.      Spend Rs.1000 and get Rs.1100 in sales right away

To an unseasoned marketer, only the “Third” outcome would seem profitable. But seasoned marketers know that the chances of an immediate sale are so low. And they either get the first or second outcome mostly.

You may say, That the first and second campaigns don’t look Profitable.

Yes, it is not Profitable as such. You have to act upon it and make it profitable.

In the above Ad, it engaged 2,000 people and yes people loved the content you just showed them. It is not necessary that they buy from you just because they love your ad. You must make them buy your Product by removing the obstacles they have in buying from you. 

This is where the “Ultimate secret” to Marketing lies. And this secret differentiates ordinary marketer and an expert. (most marketers give up when they spend and don’t reap in sales. Because they just hope for a sale and don’t make a sale)

So what is the Secret ?

You have 2,000 people who loved your Post which means they love you and your product. Utilize them! Don’t expect someone to purchase right away! Guide them towards the  sale. 

For instance, the people who visited your website  or the rest of the people who engaged with your posts can buy at a later point of time. Just don’t sit there and wait for them to get your product at a later date.

Instead “Retarget” 

If you haven’t hear about Facebook Retargeting, Here is a short summary on what it means and how it can help us

Everyday, a large number of people interact with our content online. The basic interaction maybe a view or a click, and there are a lot of ways people interact with a brand on and off facebook. Retargeting is a way to show ads to the people who have already interacted with our content. (For example, John might have seen a complete video of  your brand on facebook and left to continue his work).

This means he was interested in the video, which is evident from the fact that he has watched the video fully. So the next day John sees an ad with an offer of your product. He recalls the video he saw and claims the offer. This is how retargeting works, someone would have engaged or interacted with your content and they are shown an ad that guides them to take action.

The interaction or Engagement can be

  • Website Visitors

  • Video views

  • Data of your Customers you already have(Phone number, emails,etc)

  • Page likes

  • Post likes, comments, reactions and shares

  • Page messaging

  • Lead ad interaction

  • App interactions, etc (Need help in setting up any of the above ? Send a message on Facebook or Write to Us)

So as you see, Retargeting proves to be a powerful way that many brands under-utilize. If it is setup right, retargeting is the only way you can convert engagement on facebook into Valuable Revenue.

In this article i have written about a few ways in which we used retargeting to achieve conversions or sales. And the ways which you can implement right away.

To name them

  • Video views into sales
  • Website “Visitors” into sales
  • Facebook Page or Post Engagement into Sales (the best part)

Before we proceed, i hope you know the basics of facebook advertising. If not, here is a great resource. “Learn Facebook ads” So now here is the most important part, Using “Retargeting” to your Advantage. Go ahead!

1) Converting Video Views into Sales

Compared to any other post format, good videos have about 135% to 200% higher organic reach and engagement. (anyone who is familiar with the facebook platform will know that facebook loves videos)

As of now, Facebook serves about 8 Billion video views per day (Socialmediatoday). With the introduction of Autoplay,  Videos have become a great tool for engagement

So how do you convert video views into Sale?

Simple, Use “Custom Audience” to create audiences who have watched different percentages of video. Retarget them on facebook based on the how much they have actually viewed.

For instance, if the viewer has viewed 75% of the video give them a product offer since the viewer is much engaged with the video. For viewers who have just viewed 3 seconds of your video, show them an option to watch the video again.

Facebook Video Retargeting

Once you create this audience, start running followup ads for these list.

In our case, For a client of ours who runs one of India’s Fastest growing startup and focuses on parenting sector. We first ran a facebook “Video Views” campaign, which  got us results of about  Rs0.20/a view. Believe me, getting a targeted video view at 0.20 rupees is the best thing that can ever happen.

The resulted audience who viewed the video knew about the brand and the product from the video. They were targeted with an ad that led them to a quiz about parenting. This quiz warmed them up, which was then followed by a couple of emails, offers and messages ultimately leading a complete stranger to become a satisfied customer.

So the video formed the TOFU (Top of Funnel) followed by survey, offers  and a couple of other things which were retargeted  before the customer bought their product.

2) Converting Website visitors into sales

As you know, most of your sales happens on the website. You may have a website that serves as a information page, have a landing page or a blog where you educate your customer.

Both organic and paid traffic hits the page and people interact with your page. i.e they see your pricing, read your blogs or just see the landing page and go away.

These people who visited one of your webpages or landing pages has a greater chance of doing business with you.

But if you Expect the customer

  • To convert as a paying customer or
  • To keep your brand in mind and come back later

Then you are making a grave mistake. A very Grave Mistake. Why? Because you are leaving your business to chances and not choices.

This is where the power of Pixels come in. When a visitor visits a site, a piece of code called “Pixel” gets loaded and marks the customer. It’s quite simple than it sounds, you just copy-paste a piece of code on to your webpage and facebook takes care of the rest.

Pixel allows you to Advertise to these people. i.e you can actually show ads to people who visited your website, in this way you can stay on their mind and also guide them towards their purchase.

These people know about you and also have an interest in you. What else do you need? Make sure your ads reach them from time to time.

(for those who are not familiar with Retargeting on facebook, Learn more about it from Digital Deepak here)

Pixeling them is just making sure that they are available for the next 30-180 days to Retarget.

Website Retargeting using facebook


Without pixels, you are leaving a large number of customers on the table without any use. And just hoping for them to come back. By creating different types of audiences on this basis, You can retarget people based on when they visited your site.

For instance, in this way you can retarget people who visited your site 10-15 days ago or 15-30 days ago. This opens up a lot of opportunities to businesses now. And Finally the most important part: The Secret to Convert Page Engagement into Sales

3) Using Page post engagement and Page likes to Retarget and Convert:

Definitely you have a facebook page,

And you are posting from time to time on it. Due to an decrease in organic reach, you might have boosted your Posts to a certain audience and got a hell lots of likes and comments. If you haven’t tried it, then the following is not for you.

If your posts are just having 5 or 10 likes, that too from your family and friends and not from a targeted audience. Please stop reading here. But If you have ever boosted a post to target audience or ran a likes campaign in the past year.

Then the Following is just for you !

Often, Business owners and Marketers who are new to Facebook run a boost campaign. We have already discussed enough on this topic at the start,

To recap :

By Boosting, an advertiser gets likes, comment and shares. i.e. Engagement. To convert these into sales or revenue is what most of them struggle with.

So How do you Convert your Page or Post Engagement into Targeting?

Facebook now gives an option to create a custom audience from people who have interacted with your posts or page. As follows, the people who interacted with your business on facebook in the last 365 days can be targeted.

There are five options:


  1.   Everyone who engaged with your Page: includes everyone who reacted (liked,loved,commented, shared), clicked the links, messaged  or even visited your page, etc
  2.   People Who engaged with any ad or post: Including carousel swipes, link clicks
  3.   People who clicked the CTA : these people have tried to reach you. They may be an ad away to become your potential customer
  4.   People who sent a message to your page: This is particularly useful when a lot of people have messaged your page. Since Facebook prohibits sending the same message to more than a specified number of people, using ads will be much valuable. 
  5.   People who saved your page or any post : If someone has actually saved some of your content, it means that they want to look at it at a later point of time. These people might be just a click away from becoming your customer if you entice them with the right offer.

The main advantage here is that you can retarget page or post engaged audience from the past 365 days. Unlike the other forms of retargeting where the period is just 90-180 days. 

In this way, you can guide the prospects who engaged with you towards making a purchase from you.

To summarise,

  • Engage and then convert your audience
  • Most people don’t convert into a sale at the first interaction
  • Retargeting is a powerful tool when used to the fullest
  • Have a Strategy before you run your next Campaign (Brand Funnel Guide can help you in creating the perfect strategy, download it here)

And it’s Your Turn now,

Comment Below on your Facebook ad Experience and how have you used Retargeting to your advantage

(also do reach out to us if you need any clarification or help)



Dinesh Chandrasekar

Dinesh works with Visual Marketer as a Digital Marketing Strategist. He plays an active part in designing Marketing funnels and Automation here. Over the past few years he has mastered Facebook advertising and Marketing funnels. You can connect with him on his profiles below