Micrograam- Case Study

Our Hero:


MicroGraam is a peer-to-peer lending platform that empowers rural entrepreneurs by providing access to loans from service minded investors. They provide affordable micro-loans to rural Indians who would not otherwise have access to financial services.


The Problem:


Apart from having a website & a blog, MicroGraam had a minimal online presence to attract clients for such a challenging venture like fund-raising. They wanted to be popular online so that they could leverage their effort with the help of technology.


The Solution We Offered:


Visual Marketer approached them with the idea of creating a video campaign based on the concept - End Fixed Deposit, as it could position them in the market differently.  We offered to build them a web page (#EndFD) too where viewers will be redirected for sign ups and eventual investments. They liked the idea with the condition that the video should go viral.


What We Did:


We spent a good many days brainstorming on the concept and then accidently came to read about the story of a woman entrepreneur in one of the blogs of MicroGraam. The story of Sharanava from Bijapur was very touching and unique, as she had made real success, hailing from a very pitiable background, with the help of MicroGraam finance.


We wanted to make the video a real hit, so partnered with a chennai-based production studio called Big Short Films to shoot the video. We literally burned the midnight oil to perfect the script and then went out to the remote village in Rajasthan to capture the life of the lady. We named the video `The Ice-Lady of Bijapur’ referring to the business she started with the help of MicroGraam - ice-cream making.







What MicroGraam Got:


The Result:


The video was a real hit, and the name MicroGraam became much popular among the users of YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn while getting their first investments through Online Marketing.

"Visual Marketer created a video based on a unique concept that got us a lot of engagement on a social media and also got us investments for rural entrepreneurs. This is the first time we are seeing results from Online Marketing"

Rangan Varadan

CEO | MicroGraam

Getting Results for the first time with Online Marketing



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